Getting Started

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Install-Package objectflow.core

Support Objectflow 

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Objectflow provides developers with a straight-forward way of separating business logic from control flow. This leads to more flexible software that is cheaper to change.

Some reasons to use a lightweight workflow framework

  • Your software has workflows but you don't need to manage long-running operations.
  • Free's developers to create valueable software rather than workflow plumbing
  • Your applications are becoming hard to change due to procedural code or conditional logic.

Some benefits of using objectflow

  • Promotes cohesive, testable software that's easy to understand.
  • Improves scalability by leveraging the frameworks concurrency features
  • Easy to get started with the simple interface
  • Simple deployment - just a single file in the application directory.



Current Release

  • Exception handling policies
  • Encapsulation of workflow configuration and polymorphism
  • Repeat operations an arbitrary number of times
  • Retry failed lamda functions
  • Generic interface for concise workflow registration
  • Retry failed operations
  • Workflow definitions can contain sub-workflows (exclusive choice implementation)
  • Sequential execution engine
  • Parallel split (And)
  • Simple merge using Then syntax. Waits for all parallel operations to complete before continuing.
  • Simple constraint syntax
  • Lamda support for work-flow operations and constraints
  • Workflow engine supports Functions as well as objects inherited from BasicOperation<T>

Coming soon

  • Extension points for workflows
  • More exception handling
  • Conditional cycles with Repeat...Until
  • Multi-choice
  • Discriminators
  • Inversion of Control containers
  • Events


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